Tondo di Piacenza Zucchini


45-55 day.  A very early, round, dark green zucchini that is very productive.  It makes a good stuffing zucchini.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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keeps on producing
Written by Scott Hucker on 11th Jan 2015

We did not have any disease/bug issues with this summer squash. The round shape was very nice for stuffing them with meat/rice and baking them. They are more attractive for dinner with friends this way, since each person gets a "half" that sits nicely on the plate. When very small, we made a sweet and tangy pickle with them as well.

Surprisingly good
Written by Mariana on 7th Oct 2014

These guys are delicious, we had lots and lots and didn't have any problem eating batch after batch of sautéed squash, so good that just a bit of salt and olive oil and you are good.