Spaghetti Squash


100 day.  With a yellow rind and a pale yellow flesh, spaghetti squash has flesh that falls apart into shreds when it's cooked.  Commonly used as a pasta replacement, I love it served with brown sugar and butter.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Written by undefined on 4th Jan 2016

Planted for the first time in Metro Detroit. I planted on a slanting trellis. Produced very well. And they keep well too. Its the 1st week of January and I just had one that I picked back in August or September. YUM!!!

Easy to Groww.....Great Flavor!!!!
Written by Valerie on 10th Jan 2015

I tried growing these last year for the first time and every seed germinated and the plants were amazing!!! Our summer weather in San Diego was odd last year but they did great and I had plenty of squash to can for the winter. I definitely recommend this variety for anyone who wants to try an easy to grow squash with great flavor!

Great keeper, my kids ask for it!
Written by Julie on 9th May 2013

I am amazed that my family asks to eat squash. Our favorite way to eat this squash is steam-cooked, forked into a serving bowl and topped with homemade pesto. It is soo delicious. Makes a main dish if you add more veggies or meat to the dish. Yum. I cannot believe I failed to collect the seeds last year - just have to order more!