Detroit Dark Red Beet


58-63 day.  A Dutch heirloom beet, it is a very traditional beet.  Dark red root with a good flavor and texture.  Excellent roasted as well as grilled.  It is one of the most popular beets on the market.


Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.

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Great Results
Written by Glen Fodale on 1st Jan 2016

The year is done, and everything is in. It was a hard year for area gardens as I've been told. ( I don't get out much ) Anyway, the beets did great. No germination problem that I noticed. In fact, I did a crap load of thinning. That which was thinned went to the salad greens and made for a nice surprise. From one packet of seeds, I got a bit over a bucket and a half ( 5 gal. buckets ) of beets at the end of the season. This doesn't count the ones which were harvested early, as the table was calling. :) This was my first time growing beets, and won't be my last.

Best beet I've grown!
Written by Julie Simko on 15th Jan 2015

I know some think beets may be boring...But, have you tried them pickled? Sounds weird, but it's really just oil, cider vinegar, dry mustard, salt and pepper and sugar. But they taste soooooo good on a salad! Well, there are so many other ways to enjoy beets but this steals the show for my beets. Annie's Detroit Dark Red Beets are quality seeds that germinate perfectly and bring lots of gardening satisfaction :)

Delicious and easy to grow
Written by jen in michigan on 2nd Sep 2012

I found that the germination was just a bit low. However, that hasn't kept me from growing Detroit Dark Reds for a couple years. Just plant a few extra seeds. They're trouble-free to grow, not even requiring fertilizer. I plant in spring and fall - wonderful pickled!