Calabrese Broccoli


58-90 day.  Brought to America in 1880 by Italian immigrants, Calabrese produces a tightly packed head up to 8 inches in diameter.  After the initial head is harvested, it produces many side shoots up to the first hard frost.


Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.

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Very hardy!
Written by Stephanie Cook on 4th Feb 2016

I planted this in my garden early last spring, and it continued to produce broccoli until just a month ago when we got a super hard freeze!! I am beyond impressed.

Loved in the end
Written by Michelle on 10th Mar 2015

Initially was disappointed in a smaller than expected center head, however, these plants produced side shoots all season long. No need for succession plantings!

Written by undefined on 16th Mar 2013

Not only is this place the fastest shipping around. I'm amazed at how quickly this broccoli germinated! Very impressed!