Barese Swiss Chard


28 day.  Intended for baby production, Barese grows quickly and has glossy, dark green leaves and thick white stems.  It is also good if allowed to grow out.


Minimum of 150 seeds per packet.

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Written by Kari (zone 9, Sugar Land, TX) on 5th Mar 2012

I received these seeds in a grab bag I purchased from Annie's Heirlooms last fall and planted them in early February (2012) in pots. They're big enough now that I can start clipping off a few leaves here and there. The leaves are light green and slightly thicker than other varieties of Swiss Chard I've grown. It seems to be a milder flavor than most Swiss Chard, but is still stronger than spinach. I've been chopping up just a few leaves at a time very finely to mix into spinach and lettuce salads. I really love this variety. It might be my new "go-to" variety of Swiss Chard and I'll definitely be purchasing more seeds for it.