Amana Orange Tomato


90 day.  Originally from the Amana Colonies in Iowa, these are huge, light orange, fluted beefsteak tomatoes.  They can get up to 2 lbs each, and have a sweet, almost tropical fruit flavor.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Written by Anna on 8th Feb 2017

I am not usually a fresh tomato lover, but when these are ripe I will eat them in the garden or in BLTs, burgers and sandwiches for day! I have also canned them and made them into sauce. A bit higher on the water content for canning but they can well otherwise and also make a beautiful bright orange sauce!

Written by Linda M. on 27th Dec 2013

These tomatoes just kept on coming all summer long. Large, abundant, tasty...what else can you ask for? I'll plant them every year now that I know what a great tomato this is!

HUGE and versatile
Written by Terry on 28th Jul 2012

I love these tomatoes - not only are they great for making delicious sauce, but they are also gigantic with most of mine topping 1 lb and perfect slicing size for burgers (1 slice could easily cover a patty). The lower-acid content also means they can be enjoyed by some people who normally would avoid tomatoes for that reason. They put up a good fight when harvesting, so you way want to use scissors/shears to avoid damaging the plant or fruit. Overall a very delicious tomato and fun to grow for the large size and sometimes quirky shapes!