Paris Market Carrot


52 day.  A cute, fun, bite sized carrot.  Kids love these fun little carrots.  It is also a great choice if you have really dense soil and have problems growing carrots, because they are only an inch long.


Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.

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My daycare kids love these!
Written by undefined on 28th Mar 2016

The flavor is good, but the best thing about these are the shape. They're called 'ball carrots' by my kids & they eat them up! They're pretty in roasts & other dishes as well. I planted them for the first time last year & decided pretty quickly that they will get more space this year.

Cute but not my favorite
Written by Teresa Huffman on 10th Oct 2015

When I saw this I thought the would be so cute in stew and soups. They grow OK but they are not my favorite to eat raw and they are hard to clean for cooking.

so fun
Written by undefined on 26th Jun 2012

Trying to get our boys into gardening has been difficult. These little carrots are so fun. Our boys have their own garden bed and they can pull these out without any trouble or fuss. They are so little and cute. We love them, although like another reviewer said, they're not that sweet. Our 3 year old usually takes a small bite and then we get the rest. These will be ordered yearly for our youngest, as they are just a great, fun carrot for kids.

Cute but not sweet
Written by Jaime on 19th Jan 2012

These grew beautifully in a window box with rich soil. They were bright orange and so cute. They looked just like orange raddishes. The kids thought they were really cute, but they didn't like them raw. Cooked up they were fine, but raw they had a strong flavor. I'm new at carrots, so I don't know if my soil or other factors led to their strong flavor. But overall, they were easy to grow and I used them in my cooking just fine.