Misticanza Salad Mix


Misticanza is the Italian version of the French Mesclun mix.  There are many different variations, with the most traditional belief that it should contain 24 different Italian greens, many of them wild and hand harvested!  Many of those greens are available to us and include Arugula, Sorrel and Corn Salad.  We have chosen a large mix of Italian greens and beautiful lettuces to make up our own version of this wonderful Italian salad. 

Included is a mixture of the following:

Minimum of 250 seeds per packet

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"Heaven" in a salad
Written by Rachael in Medford MA on 16th May 2013

We live in New England (outside Boston) -- started some of these inside and some later outside. Delightful and delicious salad mix. My mother-in-law tasted some and said "Dear, this is heaven" (and she is not prone to hyperbole). So I'm ordering some more seeds for her.