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Medicinal & Tea

Medicinal herbs have been used to treat common ailments for thousands of years. We keep a variety of them in our home, as a first line of defense before going to the doctor. They are typically supportive and restorative, and they are not intended to be a substitute for modern medicine in the treatment of any illness.

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  • Plantain
    $2.50 Plantain
    Perennial in zones 4-9, this common lawn weed is traditionally used to sooth cuts and wounds and stings.  It is also traditionally used to treat problems such as asthma and bronchitis.     Minimum of 200...
  • Spearmint
    $3.00 Spearmint
    80 day.  Spearmint has a wonderful flavor that goes great in desserts, teas and salads.  Mints can be invasive, so care must be taken to keep them contained.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • St. John's Wort
    $2.50 St. John's Wort
    This beautiful perennial shrub has been traditionally used as an antidepressant. It has bright yellow flowers over green foliage. Hardy to zone 3.     Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.
  • Stinging Nettle
    $2.50 Stinging Nettle
    Perennial in zones 3-10, stinging nettle is frequently found growing wild in forest edges. The young shoots can be cooked and eaten and the dried leaves are very nutritious. I use nettle in teas for soothing cold symptoms...
  • Valerian
    $2.50 Valerian
    Valeriana Officinalis. Valerian is a hardy perennial that blooms in mid summer with sweetly scented flowers.  Flower extracts were used as perfume in the 16th century.  It is native to Europe and parts of Asia...
  • Wormwood
    $2.50 Wormwood
    Before the use of hops, wormwood was used as the bittering agent in beers. Its leaves have been used in absinthe, vermouth and other liqueurs for its bittering qualities. Traditionally used to treat digestive ailments and...
  • Yarrow
    $2.50 Yarrow
    A flowering aster, yarrow is beautiful and an excellent companion plant. It is thought to repel some bad bugs, but is especially helpful in attracting predatory wasps, lady bugs and hoverflies. Traditionally the plant has...

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