80 days.  These gourds have many purposes.  The young fruit are good cooked and used in salads, the immature fruits are good stir fried, and the mature gourds can be dried for use as sponges.  


Minimum of 15 seeds per packet.

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Really neat plant, great to bring in flying insects
Written by Jen on 8th Mar 2013

We are horrible seed starters, so after that mess-up, we sowed seeds directly in the garden (I believe 9) and eventually ended up with 5 plants total. The seeds take a really long time to germinate and we had all but given up on them when they started popping up. The plants grew great- huge yellow flowers that drew insects in like I had never seen! If you need to attract bees to your garden (and everything else that wants to feast on these), plant luffas! The production was ok. We ended up with about 10 usable gourds, but had to throw out another 10 or so because the started to rot once the frost hit them. The best plan for these plants would be to start them indoors (properly) and let them get a head start on the growing season. Our were put in about 3 weeks to late and it directly affected our harvest. From those usable gourds we collected over 100 fully developed seeds, so it is worth the initial investment if you want to keep growing these. I am in western Kentucky, and we had a HOT summer. We kept the plants well watered.