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Lettuce & Greens

One of the first vegetables of spring and last of fall, lettuce is easy to grow, and one of the best vegetables fresh from the garden. We like to take advantage of the cold-hardiness of lettuce, eating it fresh from the garden even after snow has fallen. It doesn’t grow when it’s that cold, but it preserves perfectly!

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 250 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • Rocket Salat Arugula
    $2.00 Rocket Salat Arugula
    37 day.  An Italian arugula, this is an excellent choice for salads and fresh greens.  It has a strong, rich, peppery taste.    Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Romaine Lettuce Blend
    $2.25 Romaine Lettuce Blend
    If you love romaine lettuce, this is the blend for you.   Included is a blend of the following: Forellenschluss Paris Island Cos Amish Deer Tongue Marvel of Four Seasons Rouge d'Hiver Verde Invierno Minimum...
  • Rossa di Trento Lettuce
    $2.00 Rossa di Trento Lettuce
    45-60 day.  An Italian, savoyed, green lettuce with wine red edges.  A very good "cut and come again" lettuce that can be harvested throughout the season in mild climates.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Rouge d'hiver Lettuce
    $2.00 Rouge d'hiver Lettuce
    70 day.   A beautiful red romaine type lettuce.  With a dark green base and lots of red to burgundy coloring, this lettuce also has a good flavor and texture.  It is a good stand alone variety, but...
  • S Anna Lettuce
    $2.00 S Anna Lettuce
    66 days.  More heat tolerant than most, this butterhead produces large heads of tender light green leaves.  A good choice for warmer climates.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.
  • Salad Bowl Lettuce
    $2.00 Salad Bowl Lettuce
    44 day.   Medium green, frilly leaf lettuce.  It is tender, crisp, and has a great flavor.  With it's open, light texture, it is great at holding on to salad dressing.  It makes a wonderful salad on...
  • Sorrel
    $2.00 Sorrel
    80 day.  Traditionally used in French cuisine, it's a great herb to be used in salads for it's distinct lightly sour flavor.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Tango Lettuce
    $2.00 Tango Lettuce
    52 day.   This is the frilliest lettuce we sell.  Both mild and sweet, it is a wonderful addition to a blend, but also just fun on it's own.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Tom Thumb Lettuce
    $2.00 Tom Thumb Lettuce
    34 day.  These are fun little lettuces.  Miniature butterhead lettuces with crinkly green leaves are delicious with mild, sweet, and crispy yet tender leaves.  It is also a good choice for a summer lettuce...
  • Trieste Sweet Chicory
    $2.00 Trieste Sweet Chicory
    32-38 day.  Trieste Sweet Chicory has heart shaped, light green leaves that are used in salads.  It is very mild and sweet tasting and is a fast grower.  An excellent choice for a cutting chicory.  It can...
  • Verde Invierno Lettuce
    $2.00 Verde Invierno Lettuce
    72 day.    The traditional variety of green romaine lettuce.  It has a firm, crisp texture and the great flavor we associate with romaine.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
    $2.00 Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
    50 day. A great variety for winter production either under cover or outside.  Sow between September and April for greens from December to May.  It has thick, broad leaves that form in upright bunches.  It has...
  • Webb's Wonderful Lettuce
    $2.50 Webb's Wonderful Lettuce
    65-70 day.  An English lettuce, it is a good summer variety because it withstands the heat well.  It is bright green and has large heads with crisp leaves.  A good choice for Southern growers...
  • Winter Density Lettuce
    $3.00 Winter Density Lettuce
    65 day.  A very early and compact romaine.  It is crisp, sweet and delicious.  Winter Density is a good choice for overwintering in the garden.  It has dark green leaves and a densely packed eight inch...

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