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Lettuce & Greens

One of the first vegetables of spring and last of fall, lettuce is easy to grow, and one of the best vegetables fresh from the garden. We like to take advantage of the cold-hardiness of lettuce, eating it fresh from the garden even after snow has fallen. It doesn’t grow when it’s that cold, but it preserves perfectly!

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 250 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • Garland Round Leaved Chrysanthamum Greens
    $2.00 Garland Round Leaved Chrysanthamum Greens
    40-50 days.  This is a great edible chrysathemum from Japan, grown for conventional greens, but also usable for baby greens or sprouting.  The leaves become more pungent as the plant comes closer to flowering...
  • Georgia Southern Collard Greens
    $2.00 Georgia Southern Collard Greens
    78 day. Also known as Creole or Georgia Green Collards, it was first introduced before 1880.  It has a loose cluster of blue-green leaves with a cabbage like flavor.  It is tolerant to heat and poor soils and is a...
  • Giant Southern Curled Mustard Green
    $2.00 Giant Southern Curled Mustard Green
    42 day.  The traditional curled leaf variety of mustard green that is so popular in the South.  The leaves are bright green with very curly edges and it has a stronger mustard flavor.  It is wonderful sauteed...
  • Ice Queen Lettuce
    $2.00 Ice Queen Lettuce
    80 day.   This heirloom iceberg lettuce is known for it's great taste and texture.  Far better than any grocery store variety, and considered the best tasting iceberg lettuce available.  Add in it's...
  • Italiko Rosso Chicory
    $2.00 Italiko Rosso Chicory
    45 day.  An upright, catalogna chicory with medium green leaves and red ribs.  It is often mistaken for a red dandelion.  It can be used as a salad green or braised.  A good choice for cool weather...
  • Komatsuna Asian Mustard Green
    $2.00 Komatsuna Asian Mustard Green
    35-40 day.  A very tasty variety of Asian mustard green.  Komatsuna is an excellent choice for use in salads or any way you would use spinach or pak choy. Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Little Gem Lettuce
    $2.00 Little Gem Lettuce
    70 day.  In England this is known as a gourmet lettuce, highly prized for holidays and special occasions.  It produces tiny, personal sized, romaine shaped heads with a great firm but tender texture and mild flavor...
  • Lollo Rossa Lettuce
    $2.00 Lollo Rossa Lettuce
    53 day.  A frilly, deep red lettuce.  It is a little more bitter than most lettuces and adds a nice contrast in flavor and color in a lettuce blend.  It is very beautiful with dark red leaves with a lighter...
  • Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce *
    $2.50 Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce *
    48 day.  This French heirloom is known for it's wide range of colors, depending on the weather and temperatures.  It is a head lettuce with a delicate, tender texture and fine flavor. Minimum of 250 seeds per...
  • Mesclun Lettuce Mix
    $2.25 Mesclun Lettuce Mix
    This is the traditional French Mesclun salad mix of lettuce, endive, arugula and chervil. Why not grow the heirloom lettuce blend with a collection of wonderful heirloom lettuces and greens? Included is a mixture of the...
  • Microgreens Mix
    $2.25 Microgreens Mix
    Many people like to sprout vegetables and eat the plants when they are very small, only an inch or so tall. These are called microgreen salads, and you'd be surprised at the huge variety of interesting flavors available!...
  • Misticanza Salad Mix
    $2.25 Misticanza Salad Mix
    Misticanza is the Italian version of the French Mesclun mix.  There are many different variations, with the most traditional belief that it should contain 24 different Italian greens, many of them wild and hand...
  • Mizuna Asian Mustard Green
    $2.00 Mizuna Asian Mustard Green
    45-50 day.  A very interesting mustard green with serrated leaves.  It performs very well in the fall and makes for an excellent addition to a salad. Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Morris Heading Collard Greens
    $2.00 Morris Heading Collard Greens
    85 days.  An old southern favorite.  It grows loose heads that are dark green and slow bolting.  The young leaves are the most tender and flavorful, so harvest often.  Great for fall growing, because it...
  • Oak Leaf Lettuce
    $2.00 Oak Leaf Lettuce
    40 day.  Grown for it's distinctive oak leaf shaped leaves, Oak Leaf is a great addition to a salad mix or as a stand alone cut and come again leaf lettuce.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Oasis Chrysanthamum Greens
    $2.00 Oasis Chrysanthamum Greens
    SORRY, UNAVAILABLE FOR 2014. 30-50 days.  With it's beautiful, edible, yellow flowers, and delicate lacy foliage, this is a nice addition to your salad garden.  The whole plant is edible, from it's leaves to it's...
  • Paris Island Cos Lettuce
    $2.00 Paris Island Cos Lettuce
    72 day.    The traditional variety of green romaine lettuce.  It has a firm, crisp texture and the great flavor we associate with romaine.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Radicchio Rossa di Treviso Chicory
    $2.00 Radicchio Rossa di Treviso Chicory
    68 day.  A traditional Italian radicchio with upright heads that have red leaves and large pure white stems.  It is good both grown for baby leaves or full sized heads.  It can be eaten raw in salads or cooked...
  • Red Garnet Amaranth
    $2.00 Red Garnet Amaranth
    50 day.  Amaranth is a very versatile green and grain.  Red Garnet has medium green leaves with a red overlay that is more pronounced in warm climates. The shoots can be added to a salad and the greens cooked like...
  • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
    $2.00 Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
    44 day.  This is a beautiful lettuce.  Deep red, with frilly leaves and a mild flavor.  It is slow to bolt, it's a great choice for growing in the heat or in warmer climates.    Minimum of 250...