Lacinato Kale *


62 day.  Lacinato kale is also know as dinosaur or black Tuscan kale.  It has highly savoyed, dark blue-green leaves.  It is known for it's excellent flavor and texture. 


Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.

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Very hardy and productive!
Written by Jason Rydquist on 10th Jan 2015

Lacinato is my fav. In the 2014 season, I planted out this kale variety in May and harvested from the three-foot palm trees through late December under a row cover! They were not stressed out by summer heat and survived through the bitterest cold. They're the best for bringing to a market stand or for making kale chips, for sure. I experienced some variance in genetics, though, which were expressed though minor differences in growth habit. Many were just the perfection you would expect, but some plants were very bushy with small leaves, and some produced thin, stemmy leaves—which was fine (and even fun!) for home cooking, but a hassle for taking uniform bunches to market. Surprisingly, this kale was also the favorite among cabbage loopers in my plot, despite there being much more tender kales right nearby.

Go with Italian
Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2014

We have grown this kale for two years now and are quite happy with it. Our children love to make kale chips and these hold up well for the cooking. The plants are beautiful to look at and I enjoy the easy harvest to table aspect.

Beautiful & Tasty
Written by kdawn on 28th Jan 2012

Especially good kale chips!