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Only Heirloom Varieties - No Hybrids - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Giant Southern Curled Mustard Green - Organic
    $3.50 Giant Southern Curled Mustard Green - Organic
    42 day.  The traditional curled leaf variety of mustard green that is so popular in the South.  The leaves are bright green with very curly edges and it has a stronger mustard flavor.  It is wonderful sauteed...
  • Pak Choi - Organic
    $3.50 Pak Choi - Organic
    45-60 days.  A Chinese, non-heading cabbage, Pak Choi, or Bok Choy, has large green leaves and beautiful white stems and a very mild mustard flavor.  The leaves are excellent in salad, and the whole leaf and stem...
  • Rocket Salat Arugula - Organic
    $3.50 Rocket Salat Arugula - Organic
    37 day.  An Italian arugula, this is an excellent choice for salads and fresh greens.  It has a strong, rich, peppery taste.    Minimum of 150 seeds per packet.
  • Sorrel - Organic
    $3.50 Sorrel - Organic
    80 day.  Traditionally used in French cuisine, it's a great herb to be used in salads for it's distinct lightly sour flavor.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Tatsoi Bok Choy - Organic
    $3.50 Tatsoi Bok Choy - Organic
    20-50 days.  Tatsoi forms a rosette of deep green leaves.  Harvest it at 20 days for baby greens, or 50 for full sized greens.  Tatsoi it typically grown for salad greens.   Minimum of 80 seeds per...
  • Vit Corn Salad (Mache) - Organic
    $3.50 Vit Corn Salad (Mache) - Organic
    50 day. A great variety for winter production either under cover or outside.  Sow between September and April for greens from December to May.  It has thick, broad leaves that form in upright bunches.  It has...