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Only Heirlooms - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Giant Bottle Gourd (Birdhouse)
    $2.50 Giant Bottle Gourd (Birdhouse)
    110 days.  These large, interesting gourds are grown for ornamental purposes as well as for birdhouses.  It requires a long warm growing season, but I had a lot of luck with them in Michigan, having yields of...
  • Green Skin Bitter Melon
    $3.00 Green Skin Bitter Melon
    SOLD OUT FOR 2015.  70 days.  With it's smooth warts, this Chinese bitter melon grows 8-10 inches long and 3 inches wide.  The leaves and shoots are also edible.  Bitter melon is traditionally eaten in...
  • Luffa
    $2.50 Luffa
    80 days.  These gourds have many purposes.  The young fruit are good cooked and used in salads, the immature fruits are good stir fried, and the mature gourds can be dried for use as sponges.     Minimum...