Fennel di Firenza


75 days.  An excellent variety of fennel, it has some resistance to bolting, and produces a nicely flavored root.  It also produces good tops and quality seeds.


Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.

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colic treatment for babies
Written by Karin Deck on 24th Feb 2013

In Germany where most women nurse their babies, they also experience colic ( gas, bloating, stomach cramps) due to something the mother has eaten, thus resulting for the baby to consume it from the mothers milk. Take a teaspoon of Fennel seed, pour a cup of distilled or boiling water over it, let it steep till cooled/ slightly warm and feed by bottle. You can make larger quantities ahead of time, fill into bottle and refridgerate. Warm and feed 1-2 oz as symptoms in the baby occur. To this day, most German hospitals keep it on the Nursing station for the Babies and Moms. It also works on grownups. When my husband ate too much or somethig didn't agree with him i made him a hot cup of fennel tea and it worked every time. It has a very pleasant taste.