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Only Heirloom Varieties - No Hybrids - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Romanesco San Guiseppe Cauliflower - Organic
    $3.50 Romanesco San Guiseppe Cauliflower - Organic
    90 day.  An Italian heirloom, it is also known as Broccoli Romanesco or Romanesco Calabrese.  It has a beautiful, bright lime green color and an interesting shape, with tightly packed florets that have a swirled,...
  • Snowball Cauliflower - Organic
    $3.00 Snowball Cauliflower - Organic
    55 day.   An early cauliflower that also does well overwintering in warmer climates for early spring harvest.  It produces white, 7 inch heads with large outer leaves.   Minimum of 100 seeds per packet...