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Originally from the Americas, peppers have been transported to all corners of the globe and bred into unique varieties specific to all kinds of local cuisines. From Central America to Eastern Europe to Asia, exploring our wide variety of peppers is like a trip around the world. From French omelets, to Mexican salsas, to Hungarian stuffed peppers, to Spanish Romesco sauces, to Indian Vindaloos, we love peppers and never have enough around. Peppers grow best in warm climates, but there are short-season choices for northern growers as well.

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 25 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • King of the North Bell Pepper
    $2.50 King of the North Bell Pepper
    70 day.  Developed in Wisconsin for northern growers, King of the North is a good choice if you have a short growing season.  Medium sized, uniform bell peppers ripen to red.   Minimum of 25 seeds per...
  • Marconi Red Pepper
    $2.50 Marconi Red Pepper
    70-90 days.  With it's huge, 12 inch long red peppers, that are very sweet, Marconi Red is a wonderful choice for an Italian frying pepper.  An excellent choice for fresh eating or roasted or fried...
  • Mexican Pepper Collection
    $5.50 Mexican Pepper Collection
    Can't decide what Mexican hot pepper you want for your salsa?  How about growing them all!  Receive 10 seeds of each of the following...
  • Mini Bells Mix *
    $2.25 Mini Bells Mix *
    60 day.  Lots of tiny beautifully colored bell peppers grow on medium sized plants.  It produces peppers earlier than other pepper varieties, which makes it a good choice if you have a short growing season or just...
  • Orange Bell Pepper
    $2.50 Orange Bell Pepper
    90 day.  A later variety, it produces pretty orange bell peppers.  They are both sweet and delicious.    Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...
  • Padron Pepper
    $2.25 Padron Pepper
    60 day.  Padron is a small hot pepper famous in Spain where they eat it sauteed in olive oil with sea salt as a tapas appetizer.  If the peppers are harvested at 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, most will be mild with about...
  • Pasilla Bajio Pepper
    $2.50 Pasilla Bajio Pepper
    78 day.  A milder Mexican hot pepper, this pepper is a traditional component of mole.  More grown for it's rich, smoky flavor than it's heat, it's a great choice if you like to make rich, dried pepper salsa or...
  • Quadrato Giallo D'Asti Pepper
    $2.00 Quadrato Giallo D'Asti Pepper
    70-80 day.  An Italian heirloom yellow bell pepper.  It is incredibly sweet, crisp, and tender when ripe.  Absolutely delicious.  A red version of this pepper is called Quadrato Rosso D'Asti...
  • Quadrato Rosso D'Asti Pepper
    $2.00 Quadrato Rosso D'Asti Pepper
    80-85 day.  A large, very sweet, red bell pepper from Italy.  The same variety as Giallo d'Asti, only red.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...
  • Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection
    $5.50 Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection
    For the bell pepper enthusiast, this collection has it all.  California Woner is the only pepper intended to be picked green, though any can be eaten green if you pick them before they turn color.  If you let them...
  • Romanian Sweet Pepper
    $2.50 Romanian Sweet Pepper
    75 days.  These beautiful peppers mature from a nice ivory color, to orange, to red.  Frequently you'll see all three colors on the plant at the same time.  They have a thick flesh and are very sweet...
  • Serrano Pepper
    $2.00 Serrano Pepper
    85 day.  A small, green hot Mexican pepper that ripens red.  It is used to add heat to salsa, and I like it in a roasted pepper winter squash soup.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Sonora Anaheim Pepper
    $2.25 Sonora Anaheim Pepper
    77 day.  A mild long, green chili pepper that is a great choice for making chili rellenos.  The can grow very large and are thicker than most chili peppers.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...
  • Stavros (Greek Pepperocini) Pepper
    $2.00 Stavros (Greek Pepperocini) Pepper
    70 days.  With shorter fruit than Italian Pepperocini, this is the pepper that you commonly find pickled in jars at the grocery store.  It is usually picked and pickled in its yellow stage, though it will turn red...
  • Sweet Banana Pepper
    $2.00 Sweet Banana Pepper
    70 days.  Pickled banana peppers are a favorite on salads and sandwiches.  They get sweeter as they ripen, but let them go too long and they'll turn a brilliant red.  A fast pepper, good for cool climates...
  • Thai Hot Pepper
    $3.00 Thai Hot Pepper
    85 days.  Thai Hot is a very hot, flavorful pepper in the cayenne family.  The peppers grow upright, frequently above the foliage, making it a great ornamental pepper.  The chilies are used to add a kick to...
  • Topepo Rosso Pepper
    $2.50 Topepo Rosso Pepper
    75 day.   These are beautiful little Italian pimento peppers.  They are loved by Italians for stuffing, but can also be pickled or dried to make a deeply colored paprika.    Minimum of 25 seeds per...

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