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From growing a kitchen herb garden for flavoring your food, to a tea garden for delicious herbal teas, to a medicinal garden to help with common ailments, herbs are versatile and a useful addition to your garden.

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check the individual product descriptions.

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  • Angelica
    $2.50 Angelica
    Perennial, hardy in zones 4-9. It is best known for its candied stems which have a flavor similar to licorice. Traditionally the whole plant has been used as a remedy for many health ailments including coughs and colds...
  • Anise
    $2.50 Anise
    120 day. This annual has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is both culinary and medicinal, with its licorice flavor that is good with baked goods. It requires a long hot summer to bring the seeds to maturity...
  • Anise Hyssop
    $2.50 Anise Hyssop
    In the mint family, Anise Hyssop has a pleasant licorice flavor and it's leaves are a wonderful addition to a herbal tea.  It also has a beautiful purple flower, making it a welcome addition to a perennial flower bed...
  • Basil Collection
    $14.75 Basil Collection
    Love basil?  This is the collection for you!  Enjoy growing 7 different varieties of basil, from spicy to cinnamon to sweet Italian Genovese.  Make pesto, teas, or flavor your salads or deserts.  Also...
  • Basil, Anise
    $2.00 Basil, Anise
    73 day. With its licorice flavor, anise basil is a good compliment to fish and tomato recipes.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.
  • Basil, Ball Type
    $2.00 Basil, Ball Type
    70 days.  This is a very decorative basil.  It has tiny leaves and forms small balls, looking like little topiaries.  With it's hot and spicy flavor and wonderful aroma, it's an excellent decorative and eating...
  • Basil, Cinnamon
    $2.00 Basil, Cinnamon
    115 day.  With it's spicy cinnamon overtones, this basil is very unique.  It can be used in teas or desserts.  It also is a very decorative plant, with dark red stalks and bright green leaves.   Minimum...
  • Basil, Dark Opal
    $2.50 Basil, Dark Opal
    80 day.  Purple basil has been around since the late 1800's, and is really a beautiful addition to your garden.  It has deep purple leaves with lavender flowers.  A great herb to add to flavored oils or...
  • Basil, Genovese *
    $2.00 Basil, Genovese *
    68 day.  The standard Italian culinary basil.  It is a great herb to grow to season tomato sauce and all your Italian dishes.  It is the traditional basil used to make pesto.   Minimum of 200 seeds...
  • Basil, Lemon
    $2.00 Basil, Lemon
    60 day.  The lemon flavor of this basil makes it a wonderful complement to fish and salad dressing.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.
  • Basil, Lime
    $2.00 Basil, Lime
    60 day.  A unique basil with a flavor reminiscent of limes.  Great for fish and salads.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.
  • Basil, Thai
    $2.00 Basil, Thai
    60 day.  This is an unusual basil with a light, spicy flavor.  Traditionally used in Asian dishes, but it can be used in any cuisine.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Bee Balm
    $2.50 Bee Balm
    Monarda didyma panorama mix.  Also known as Monarda, Bee Balm is an aromatic herb native to eastern North America.  It is best grown in full sun, but can tolerate some shade.  It is an excellent flower to...
  • Borage
    $2.00 Borage
    Borage is a wonderful companion plant in your vegetable garden.  Said to be an excellent companion tomtoatoes and squash, it has beautiful blue flowers that are edible and taste similar to a cucumber.  The flowers...
  • Calendula - Orange King
    $3.00 Calendula - Orange King
    Beautiful and functional, calendula are wonderful flowers to grow.  Also known as pot marigold, calendular is not a marigold, but a flower in the daisy family.  These beautiful flowers are typically used...
  • Calendula - Pacific Beauty Mixture
    $2.00 Calendula - Pacific Beauty Mixture
    These beautiful Calendula have a range of colors of large flowers on straight stems.  It's a more heat tolerant variety than most calendula.   15 inches tall.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet...
  • Caraway
    $2.00 Caraway
    75 day. A biennial, its leaves are used the first year and the seeds collected during the second. The seeds are commonly used to flavor breads. Traditionally it is used to treat indigestion and colic. It may become invasive...
  • Catnip
    $2.50 Catnip
    80-90 day. In the mint family, catnip is excellent grown for a tea, but is also loved by cats. It is a larger plant, growing up to 4 feet tall. It can be used as a companion plant and is thought to repel many harmful insects...
  • Chamomile - German
    $2.00 Chamomile - German
    Matricaria chamomila.  German Chamomile is typically used in teas to aid in sleep. An infusion of the flowers can also be used to help with dampening off in seed starts.  It's also a beautiful flower and a great...
  • Chamomile - Roman
    $2.50 Chamomile - Roman
    Chamaemelum nobile.  Roman chamomile is also known as 'lawn' chamomile.  It grows low to the ground, and for some is considered a weed.  It has beautiful white flowers.    6 inches. ...

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