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A versatile favorite, carrots are great raw, cooked, shredded, and in soups or stews. Heirloom carrots come in lots of different colors, making them a fun snack for kids. Carrots can be surprisingly difficult to grow, because they are slow to germinate and they need to be kept moist the entire time. A weed-free bed is necessary, because the weeds will take off before the carrots do. And of course, loose soil is required to grow beautifully shaped roots.

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 300 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • Annie's Rainbow Carrots Mix
    $2.25 Annie's Rainbow Carrots Mix
    Grow a mixture of colors and flavors in this rainbow carrot mix. Lunar White for mild sweetness, Scarlet Nantes for a traditional orange carrot, Jaune du Daubs for richness and yellow beauty, and...
  • Autumn King Carrot
    $2.00 Autumn King Carrot
    68 day.  Autumn King is an heirloom Nantes type carrot.  It is an excellent fresh eating carrot when picked smaller, but can be left to grow larger as well.  Traditionally used as an animal feed when left to...
  • Danver's Half Long Carrot
    $2.00 Danver's Half Long Carrot
    70 day.  A nice crisp orange carrot with a strong carrot flavor.  It maintains a lot of it's flavor even when cooked.  It grows 5-6 inches long with a pointed tip and is a good choice for denser soils...
  • Dragon Carrot
    $2.25 Dragon Carrot
    85 day.  A beautiful purple carrot, deep purple on the outside and orange on the inside.  It has a wonderful, spicy flavor that cooks up beautifully.   Minimum of 300 seeds per packet...
  • Jaune du Daubs Carrot
    $2.00 Jaune du Daubs Carrot
    60-70 day.  A French, yellow carrot with a long tapered root.  Originally grown for livestock, it is now highly desired for it's pretty color and good flavor.   Minimum of 300 seeds per packet...
  • Kuroda Carrot
    $2.00 Kuroda Carrot
    75 days.  This Asian carrot is long, uniform, and sweet.  Grown for many purposes, it is a favorite for juicing.  It tolerates heat better than most carrots.   Minimum of 300 seeds per packet...
  • Little Finger Carrot *
    $2.00 Little Finger Carrot *
    60 day.  This is a great carrot.  It can be harvested young for baby carrots, or left to grow out for larger carrots.  At full size, it has 1 inch wide and 5-6 inch long, blunt tip carrots.  They are...
  • Lunar White Carrot
    $2.00 Lunar White Carrot
    60 day.  A white, nearly coreless carrot, it is large, almost 12 inches long, but can also be used as a baby carrot.  It has a nice, mild flavor.  Although it is a white carrot, if the shoulders are exposed...
  • Paris Market Carrot
    $2.00 Paris Market Carrot
    52 day.  A cute, fun, bite sized carrot.  Kids love these fun little carrots.  It is also a great choice if you have really dense soil and have problems growing carrots, because they are only an inch long...
  • Red Cored Chantenay Carrot
    $2.00 Red Cored Chantenay Carrot
    70 day.   A very sweet and crisp orange carrot with wide shoulders tapering to a point.  It is also a shorter carrot, approximately 6 inches, making it a great choice for denser soils.   Minimum of 300...
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot
    $2.00 Scarlet Nantes Carrot
    68 day.  One of the most famous carrots, Scarlet Nantes dates back to the 1850's and was developed by the Vilmorin in France.  It is sweet and orange throughout.  It grows 6 inches long with a cylindrical...
  • St. Valery Carrot
    $2.00 St. Valery Carrot
    80-90 day.  A very old and well established French carrot, St. Valery is a wonderful carrot for soups and stews. These large carrots can grow up to 12 inches long and over 1 inch in diameter.   Minimum of 300...
  • Tendersweet Carrot
    $2.00 Tendersweet Carrot
    75 day.  A very sweet orange carrot.  It grows 7 inches long with a fine grained texture and orange throughout, with a semi-blunt end.   Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.