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A garden staple, beans can be eaten fresh or left to dry for soups and stews.  GRow bush varieties for speed to garvest, or pole varieties to save space.

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 80 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • Agate Soybean
    $3.50 Agate Soybean
    65-70 days.  Originally introduced to the United States in 1927, this is a very unique soybean.  Small, olive colored beans have a dark brown saddle, making them as beautiful as they are delicious.  It is...
  • Annie's Rainbow Beans
    $3.00 Annie's Rainbow Beans
    Do you love colorful beans and can't decide on what to grow?  Rainbow Beans is a nice mix of bush beans in green, yellow, purple and striped.  Included is a mixture of the following: Contender Golden...
  • Bean Pole Trellis Topper
    $10.00 Bean Pole Trellis Topper
    These are really neat bean pole trellises designed for us by a machinist friend.  Get a piece of 1/2" electrical conduit, insert the topper into the conduit, drive the other side of the conduit into the ground, tie...
  • Black Turtle Bush Bean *
    $3.00 Black Turtle Bush Bean *
    100 day.  The most common heirloom variety of small black shelling bean, Black Turtle is frequently just referred to as black beans.  It's popular in Mexican cuisine and has a deep, rich flavor.  It is an...
  • Blue Lake Bush Bean
    $2.50 Blue Lake Bush Bean
    53-58 day.   With nice yields of long, straight, green pods, Blue Lake is one of the old standards, and for a good reason.  Nice flavor, and great yields, making it still used as one of the main commercial...
  • Bobis D'Albenga Bush Bean
    $2.50 Bobis D'Albenga Bush Bean
    56 days.  A rare and beautiful varigated pod bush snap bean.  Known in Italy for it's excellent flavor, it also performs well in hot conditions.  These beautiful pods turn dark green when cooked, but that is...
  • Broad Windsor Fava Bean
    $2.00 Broad Windsor Fava Bean
    65-85 days.  Listed as far back as 1863, the Broad Windsor fava bean is an excellent fava bean.  Planted like peas, in the cool, it produces large pods with 5-7 beans in each.  Fava beans are also excellent at...
  • Cannellini Bean
    $3.50 Cannellini Bean
    100 days.  A wonderful Itailan shelling bean.  It has large, white, kidney shaped beans and is also known as "white kidney bean."   Minimum of 40 seeds per packet.
  • Cherokee Trail Of Tears Bean
    $2.75 Cherokee Trail Of Tears Bean
    85 days.  This is the bean that was carried by the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Oklahoma when they were driven from their homeland.  A nice black pole bean, it can also be eaten as a snap bean.   Minimum...
  • Christmas Lima Bean
    $2.00 Christmas Lima Bean
    80 days.  What a beautiful and delicious pole lima bean!  Huge beans are creamy white striped with burgundy.  One of the best tasting beans, they cook up creamy and delicious.  Add in high yields and an...
  • Contender Bush Bean *
    $2.50 Contender Bush Bean *
    50 day.  Huge yields of tender, flavorful green pods.  This is my favorite bean all purpose bean.  Throughout the years I have grown many beans, but I keep coming back to this wonderful old favorite.  It...
  • Cosse Violetta Pole Bean
    $3.00 Cosse Violetta Pole Bean
    80 day.  This is a wonderful pole snap bean.  It has beautiful purple flowers followed by round, deep purple pods.  The dark purple pods stand out beautifully against the green foliage.  But it's not just...
  • Dark Red Kidney Bush Bean
    $3.50 Dark Red Kidney Bush Bean
    95 day.  A beautiful deep red bush shelling bean.  It has a tougher skin than other beans, which makes it a great choice for soups, stews and chili if you want your beans to retain their original shape...
  • Dragon's Tongue Bean
    $3.00 Dragon's Tongue Bean
    50-65 day.   These are wonderful wax beans.  They are really flavorful and beautiful, pale cream with purple stripes.  That have large, flat beans with a full, wonderful bean flavor...
  • Fin de Bagnol Bean
    $3.00 Fin de Bagnol Bean
    49-57 day.  A French filet bean.  When it's picked young it is tender, very flavorful, and extremely delicious.  They are extremely prolific, and are best picked daily to ensure you get small and tender beans...
  • Florida Butter Speckled Bean
    $2.50 Florida Butter Speckled Bean
    86 days.  Known in the south as Speckled Butterbean, this pole lima bean is buff with with burgundy splashes.  It does well in hot and humid conditions, but also performs well in all climates.   Minimum of...
  • Fordhook Lima Bean
    $2.50 Fordhook Lima Bean
    75 day.  Huge pods of delicious, tender lima beans grow on bush plants.  This is my favorite lima bean.  It is one of the earliest lima beans, so it is a great choice for northern growers, and it is also...
  • Garbanzo (Chickpea) Bean
    $3.50 Garbanzo (Chickpea) Bean
    65 day.  Garbanzo beans are a staple in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking.  They can be used as a shelling bean or a dry bean.  They are an excellent choice for climates with problems with drought, but they...
  • Golden Wax Bean
    $2.50 Golden Wax Bean
    52 days. One of my favorite beans, it has a beautiful pale yellow color and a tender, crisp texture. Firm and delicious, it rivals Contender for flavor, making it a great addition to your garden.   Heirloom is a...
  • Good Mother Stallard Bean
    $2.50 Good Mother Stallard Bean
    85-95 day.   A wonderful pole shelling bean, Good Mother Stallard is both beautiful and delicious.  It has an excellent meaty rich flavor that is great in soups and stews.   Minimum of 40 seeds per...

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