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Only Heirlooms - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Zinnia - Benary Giant Series Mix
    $3.50 Zinnia - Benary Giant Series Mix
    With their big, beautiful blooms in shades of pinks and yellows and reds, Benary's Giant Series Mix is a great addition to your decorative flower bed or your garden.  They attract butterflies and bees for beneficials in...
  • Zinnia - California Giant Mix
    $2.00 Zinnia - California Giant Mix
    With it's huge blooms in reds, yellows and pinks, these are wonderful zinnias.  A great companion in your garden for beans, they add welcome color.  They are also an excellent cut flower, with their long stems...
  • Zinnia - Cut and Come Again
    $2.00 Zinnia - Cut and Come Again
    Beautiful, these 2 1/2 inch flowers grace your garden from early summer until frost with vibrant blooms in bright shades of red, yellow and pink.  An excellent variety for cut flowers, they keep producing more blooms as...
  • Zinnia - Giant Cactus
    $3.00 Zinnia - Giant Cactus
    A spectacular zinnia, with huge flowers made of lots of thin petals in colors ranging from orange to red to yellow, they really are a stunning flower.  Zinnias are also excellent companion plants for beans an other...
  • Zinnia - Peppermint Stick
    $2.00 Zinnia - Peppermint Stick
    This is my favorite zinnia.  Each colorful flower petal is striped with bright pink to red.  The base color ranges from white to yellow.  Overall, a very beautiful and striking flower.  They are an...