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Bulk Heirloom Seeds

Attention CSA Owners and Market Gardeners!

Give your customers the flavor and quality they demand with heirloom vegetables!  We have both old-standbys for everyday use, and exotic varieties to keep things interesting.  We do have many more varieties available in smaller quantities, so please check the rest of the site if you do not find what you are looking for in the bulk section.

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check each product description.

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  • California Black Eye Cowpea - Bulk
    $10.00 California Black Eye Cowpea - Bulk
    75 days.  A southern favorite, this cowpea is very distinctive with it's creamy color and black eyes.  A New Year's tradition, these wonderful cowpeas can be eaten fresh or dried for winter eating.   Minimum...
  • California Wonder Pepper - Bulk
    $9.00 California Wonder Pepper - Bulk
    70 days.  A wonderful bell pepper, thick-walled and blocky.  It has an excellent flavor, and is a great choice for a green bell pepper, or allow it to ripen to red for a delicious red bell pepper.  It's an...
  • Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk
    $5.00 Cherry Belle Radish - Bulk
    26 day.   The standard radish, Cherry Belle is small, red, round, and full of traditional radish flavor.  Mild when grown in cool weather, but with that characteristic radish bite.   Minimum of 1000 seeds...
  • Chioggia Beet - Bulk
    $6.50 Chioggia Beet - Bulk
    45-55 day.  A beautiful Italian heirloom beet from Chioggia, Italy.  Also known as the candy cane beet or bullseye beet, it has concentric rings of red and white, making for beautiful slices.  A mild and...
  • Cilantro - Bulk
    $5.00 Cilantro - Bulk
    55 day.  Traditionally used to flavor Mexican dishes, this herb has a distinct flavor that adds interest to salsas.  It can also be used to replace basil in your favorite pesto for an interesting variation on...
  • Clemson Spineless Okra - Bulk
    $6.00 Clemson Spineless Okra - Bulk
    55 day.  Clemson Spineless is the oldtime favorite okra and for good reason.  It has high yields of excellent flavored okra.    Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Connecticut Field Pumpkin - Bulk
    $10.00 Connecticut Field Pumpkin - Bulk
    120 day.  The traditional Jack-o-lantern pumpkin, Connecticut Field has been grown for years and is still a very popular commercial variety.  Good yields of large, orange pumpkins, tall and fat.  They...
  • Contender Bush Bean - Bulk *
    $8.50 Contender Bush Bean - Bulk *
    50 day.  Huge yields of tender, flavorful green pods.  This is my favorite bean for both canning and fresh eating.  Throughout the years I have grown many beans, but I keep coming back to this wonderful old...
  • Copenhagen Market Cabbage - Bulk
    $5.00 Copenhagen Market Cabbage - Bulk
    60-70 day.   Mid-sized, 2-3 lb cabbages.  It's a good choice for both fresh eating and sauerkraut.   Minimum of 1000 seeds.   Thanks to Jeff and Janelle K. of Rome, Maine for the picture! ...
  • Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk
    $7.50 Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend - Bulk
    One of the benefits of growing your own salad is having fresh salad greens.  Lettuce is so much better just picked, and this mix of leaf lettuces lends itself to beautiful and fun fresh salads.  Just go out, pick a...
  • Danver's Half Long Carrot - Bulk
    $4.00 Danver's Half Long Carrot - Bulk
    70 day.  A nice crisp orange carrot with a strong carrot flavor.  It maintains a lot of it's flavor even when cooked.  It grows 5-6 inches long with a pointed tip and is a good choice for denser soils...
  • Delicious Tomato - Bulk
    $10.00 Delicious Tomato - Bulk
    77 day.  The world record holder for the largest tomato, originally called Burpee's Delicious, this red tomato produces large, round, red fruit.  It has a good flavor and makes for a nice slicer.  I found it...
  • Detroit Dark Red Beet - Bulk
    $5.50 Detroit Dark Red Beet - Bulk
    58-63 day.  A Dutch heirloom beet, it is a very traditional beet.  Dark red root with a good flavor and texture.  Excellent roasted as well as grilled.  It is one of the most popular beets on the...
  • Di Cicco Broccoli - Bulk *
    $4.50 Di Cicco Broccoli - Bulk *
    48 day.   A wonderful Italian heirloom broccoli.  It produces a small central head and lots of side shoots.  It is both tender and flavorful, with a great, slightly sweet broccoli flavor.   Minimum...
  • Dill, Dukat - Bulk *
    $5.00 Dill, Dukat - Bulk *
    60-70 day.  Typically used to flavor pickles, dill is a versatile herb.  It complements fish, potatoes, or as a great base for a vegetable dip.  Dukat dill is one of the sweetest dills and remains in the...
  • Dorata di Parma Onion - Bulk
    $5.00 Dorata di Parma Onion - Bulk
    OUT OF STOCK FOR 2016. 110 day.  A beautiful golden late season onion.  It has excellent storage qualities, and it's large size makes it a great onion for slicing.  Long to Intermediate day.   Minimum...
  • Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale - Bulk
    $4.50 Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale - Bulk
    55 day.   This is an early, hardy, easy to grow kale with beautiful curled blue-green leaves.  It has a nice flavor and gets sweeter after a frost.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet...
  • Early Prolific Straight Neck Squash - Bulk
    $12.00 Early Prolific Straight Neck Squash - Bulk
    42 day.  Aptly named, this yellow squash has the shape of a zucchini and huge yields.  It has a nice flavor and is a great choice if you want lots of yellow squash.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Early Texas Grano Onion - Bulk
    $5.00 Early Texas Grano Onion - Bulk
    180 day. Released in 1944 and a parent of all the super sweet onions including the Vidalia, Early Texas Grano is a sweet, flavorful onion with a yellow skin and white flesh. Short keeper. Intermediate to Short day...
  • Evergreen Bunching Onion - Bulk *
    $5.00 Evergreen Bunching Onion - Bulk *
    What a great onion.  All onions can be used as young, green onions before they form a bulb, but Evergreen Bunching far outshines them for intense flavor.  It's well worth growing some for the amazing flavor it...