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Broccoli and Bok Choy

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

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  • Calabrese Broccoli - Organic
    $3.50 Calabrese Broccoli - Organic
    58-90 day.  Brought to America in 1880 by Italian immigrants, Calabrese produces a tightly packed head up to 8 inches in diameter.  After the initial head is harvested, it produces many side shoots up to the first...
  • Di Cicco Broccoli - Organic
    $3.50 Di Cicco Broccoli - Organic
    48 day.   A wonderful Italian heirloom broccoli.  It produces a small central head and lots of side shoots.  It is both tender and flavorful, with a great, slightly sweet broccoli flavor.   Minimum...
  • Pak Choi - Organic
    $3.50 Pak Choi - Organic
    45-60 days.  A Chinese, non-heading cabbage, Pak Choi, or Bok Choy, has large green leaves and beautiful white stems and a very mild mustard flavor.  The leaves are excellent in salad, and the whole leaf and stem...
  • Tatsoi Bok Choy - Organic
    $3.50 Tatsoi Bok Choy - Organic
    20-50 days.  Tatsoi forms a rosette of deep green leaves.  Harvest it at 20 days for baby greens, or 50 for full sized greens.  Tatsoi it typically grown for salad greens.   Minimum of 80 seeds per...
  • Waltham Broccoli - Organic
    $3.25 Waltham Broccoli - Organic
    85-92 day.   A good choice for fall harvest, Waltham was developed around 1950 in Massachusetts.  It produces a nice, compact central head and lots of side shoots.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...