Argenteuil Asparagus


A French variety that is traditionally raised for white asparagus.  It produces a nice green asparagus if the stalks aren't blanched.  This one is faster to production that some of the other asparagus.


Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.

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What an amazing germination rate!
Written by Lilia Toevs on 4th Nov 2015

I planted the seeds in January this year... and thinking they will not germinate I planted 24 of them (plus 24 of the Mary Washington variety)... well I got my wish! All of them germinated them and now I am in a pool of very healthy asparagus plants... lol... nice problem to have :) At the rate and speed they are growing (I am in zone 10B) I had to re-pot them 3 times (Now in 5 gallon buckets), and they are ready to be planted in soil sooner than anticipated... Don't even think of buying 1 or 2 year crowns, that will produce in 1 to 2 years... I will be able to harvest these babies next year! They are already pencil thin and they are only 9 months old! I can't say anything but THANK YOU! what a great buy!