Annie's Summer Squash Mix


Annie's Summer Squash is one of the garden treats of summer.  Delicious and prolific, why not grow a combination of Summer Squash to add beauty and interest to your dinner table!  It has everything, yellow, dark green, pale green and round, it's a wonderful mix of summer squash. 

Included is a mixture of the following:

Minimum of 25 seeds per packet

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Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2014

We've always grown zucchini but we wanted a change. We couldn't believe how big these plants got! Everybody was shocked at the size of them. And they produced so much I'm almost afraid to plant them again. We had 4 plants and I was easily picking 30 a week. I was taking stacks and stacks to church. Even when we went on vacation and came back to huge, overgrown squash they were still flavorful. I blanched and froze a bunch and it has been wonderful for this winter. I had over 30 bags in the freezer. We just couldn't keep up with them!

The Best Summer Squash I've Grown
Written by jen in michigan on 21st Aug 2011

The summer squash mix was fun to grow. The round zucchini and yellow squash were a nice change from the typical zucchini I've always grown. I planted them approximately June 1 and began harvesting about six weeks later. They show no signs of slowing down and I suspect I will be able to harvest until first frost. I've had no issues with pests or mildew and in spite of the 90 degree weather this summer, my squash has produced with only minimal watering. The round zucchini are good even if you let them get a little large and are a good substitute for eggplant in recipes.