'Annie's Rainbow Beans


Do you love colorful beans and can't decide on what to grow?  Rainbow Beans is a nice mix of bush beans in green, yellow, purple and striped. 

Included is a mixture of the following:

 Minimum of 80 seeds per packet

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great taste and quite abundant
Written by Joyce on 6th Feb 2016

I ordered these last year for the first time. Absolutely loved the pretty colors on the fresh beans but loved the taste of all of them together even better. In the past, I had typically just grown blue lake beans but I will continue with these beans as I just thought they had more flavor. I picked some for my 91 year old father who has gardened every year of his life and he thought they were the best he had eaten.

Tons of beans!
Written by Samantha on 15th Jan 2015

These were very easy to grow and produced enough beans to feed 2 families! Will always keep these around!

The best!
Written by Becky on 10th Jan 2015

I have never grown such tastey verbs and they produced a ton!!

Beans everywhere
Written by undefined on 27th Aug 2012

I ordered is sampler pack of beans this year and they produced very well! I planted them a little closer together than recommended and they still thrived. The Royal Burgundy were my favorite, but produced the fewest beans overall - but still impressive. I had at least 1 lbs of beans a week for a few weeks. Now, things are tapering off a bit. Very impressed. Highly recommended.

Bunches and bunches of beans!
Written by Audrey Coleman on 1st Aug 2012

I ordered these early this year and have been pleasantly overrun with beans! They are good producers, and do well even when placed a little too close together. Not to mention all the "ooohs" and "aaaahs" I get when someone walks through my garden. They're both practical and beautiful - what more could a girl ask for? http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s274/audreydc1983/Gardening/P6280669.jpg