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Annie's Favorites

Our favorite vegetable varieties, Annie's Favorites were chosen for many different reasons.  All are chosen for superior taste.  Some are also chosen for ease of growing, excellent yields, or additional beauty.  If you don't know which variety to choose then choose Annie's Favorites and you won't be disappointed.

Minimum seeds per packet varies by item.  Please check each product description.

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  • Ancho (Poblano) Pepper *
    $2.50 Ancho (Poblano) Pepper *
    90 day.  I love poblano peppers.  It's a hot pepper, but very mild and full of pepper flavor.  It makes a wonderful stuffing pepper for chili rellenos, or a good base pepper for a mild Mexican salsa.  A...
  • Annie's Favorites Collection
    $67.75 Annie's Favorites Collection
    Sure to please, this collection of our favorite vegetables is a great place to start with heirloom vegetables.  Each collection includes a packet of each of the vegetable seeds in the Annie's Favorites category...
  • Basil, Genovese *
    $2.00 Basil, Genovese *
    68 day.  The standard Italian culinary basil.  It is a great herb to grow to season tomato sauce and all your Italian dishes.  It is the traditional basil used to make pesto.   Minimum of 200 seeds...
  • Black Beauty Zucchini *
    $2.25 Black Beauty Zucchini *
    52 day.  The traditional, dark green zucchini.  It is really flavorful, one of the best tasting zucchinis available.  It is very prolific as well, making it a favorite for generations.   Minimum of 25...
  • Black Turtle Bush Bean *
    $3.00 Black Turtle Bush Bean *
    100 day.  The most common heirloom variety of small black shelling bean, Black Turtle is frequently just referred to as black beans.  It's popular in Mexican cuisine and has a deep, rich flavor.  It is an...
  • Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach *
    $2.00 Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach *
    48 day.  This is our favorite spinach.  It's the sweetest of the spinaches that we've tried; tender and mild but flavorful.  It is also slow to bolt, making it an excellent choice all around.  ...
  • Boothby's Blonde Cucumber - Organic *
    $2.50 Boothby's Blonde Cucumber - Organic *
    60 day.   My favorite cucumber, and my kids' favorite for pickles.  It is a slightly sweet cucumber that makes spectacular sweet pickles, but can also be used as a slicer.  It's also a joy to grow. ...
  • Contender Bush Bean *
    $2.50 Contender Bush Bean *
    50 day.  Huge yields of tender, flavorful green pods.  This is my favorite bean all purpose bean.  Throughout the years I have grown many beans, but I keep coming back to this wonderful old favorite.  It...
  • Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper *
    $2.00 Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper *
    75-85 day.  Amazingly sweet, this long, thin, yellow Italian sweet pepper is both delicious and prolific.  Traditionally used as a frying pepper, this is the yellow strain of the Corno di Toro pepper.  ...
  • Cuor di Bue Grosso Cabbage *
    $2.00 Cuor di Bue Grosso Cabbage *
    65-75 day.  An Italian heirloom, it produces small to medium sized, conical heads.  This is the sweetest raw cabbage I've tasted.  It makes excellent coleslaw and sauteed cabbage.  A great short season...
  • Cylindra Beet *
    $2.00 Cylindra Beet *
    55-70 day.  A Danish heirloom beet, cylindra or formanova is a long cylindrical deep red beet.  This makes it great for slicing, producing more uniform slices than a traditional beet.  It also has a wonderful,...
  • Di Cicco Broccoli *
    $2.00 Di Cicco Broccoli *
    48 day.   A wonderful Italian heirloom broccoli.  It produces a small central head and lots of side shoots.  It is both tender and flavorful, with a great, slightly sweet broccoli flavor.   Minimum...
  • Evergreen Bunching Onion *
    $2.25 Evergreen Bunching Onion *
    What a great onion.  All onions can be used as young, green onions before they form a bulb, but Evergreen Bunching far outshines them for intense flavor.  It's well worth growing some for the amazing flavor it...
  • French Breakfast Radish *
    $2.25 French Breakfast Radish *
    25 day.  Both beautiful and delicious, these oblong shaped red radish with a white tip are mild, crisp and flavorful.    Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Kamo Eggplant *
    $2.00 Kamo Eggplant *
    65 days.  Grown for hundreds of years, this beautiful and unique eggplant is prized for it's excellent flavor.  Deep purple, with a purple calyx and a flat bottom, this tear drop shaped eggpant is truly a delicacy...
  • Kentucky Blue Pole Bean *
    $2.50 Kentucky Blue Pole Bean *
    60 days.  This was Grandma Annie's favorite pole bean.  My mother remembers two vegetables from her mother's garden, tomatoes and Kentucky Blue Lake beans.  It was developed from the Kentucky Wonder and Blue...
  • Lacinato Kale *
    $2.25 Lacinato Kale *
    62 day.  Lacinato kale is also know as dinosaur or black Tuscan kale.  It has highly savoyed, dark blue-green leaves.  It is known for it's excellent flavor and texture.    Minimum of 100 seeds per...
  • Little Finger Carrot *
    $2.00 Little Finger Carrot *
    60 day.  This is a great carrot.  It can be harvested young for baby carrots, or left to grow out for larger carrots.  At full size, it has 1 inch wide and 5-6 inch long, blunt tip carrots.  They are...
  • Little Marvel Pea *
    $2.50 Little Marvel Pea *
    59-63 day.  An excellent, all purpose, bush variety pea.  It grows up to 30 inches tall and produces high yields of tender, sweet shelling peas.  Good for fresh eating, canning or freezing.   ...
  • Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce *
    $2.50 Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce *
    48 day.  This French heirloom is known for it's wide range of colors, depending on the weather and temperatures.  It is a head lettuce with a delicate, tender texture and fine flavor. Minimum of 250 seeds per...

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