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Potatoes are grown in many regions of the world because they are delicious, and because under the right conditions, they produce tremendous yields. Plant pieces of potato in the spring, and enjoy some of the best potatoes you’ll ever eat in the summer and into fall. Heirloom varieties have stood the test of time, with interesting colors, textures, and flavors.

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  • Bintje Potato*
    $11.00 Bintje Potato*
    Bintje is one of the top potato varieties in the world. Originally developed in 1905 in the Netherlands, it was originally known as "Rijkmaker" (Richmaker) because of its incredible yields. I harvested almost 40 pounds of...
  • Garnet Chile Potato
    $11.00 Garnet Chile Potato
    The Garnet Chile was introduced to the US in 1853, and is a parent of many well-known varieties including the Russet Burbank.  It is a good potato for storage, with rose to red skin, deep eyes, and nice sized potatoes...
  • Heirloom Potato Sampler
    $28.00 Heirloom Potato Sampler
    This collection contains one order of each variety of our heirloom potatoes.  Try them all, and see which is your favorite! Contains: 1 lb Bintje Potato 1 lb Kerr's Pink Potato 1 lb Garnet Chile Potato 1/2 lb...
  • French Fingerling Potato
    $5.00 French Fingerling Potato
    French Fingerlings are a great medium-sized fingerling potato with red skin, and yellow flesh mottled with red.  It is one of our favorites, for taste and texture.  It is said to have arrived in the US in the...
  • Kennebec Potato
    $11.00 Kennebec Potato
    A Maine potato with high yields of large, white skinned potatoes that grow well under harsh conditions.  A good all-purpose potato and an excellent baked potato.  Each order includes 1 pound of certified seed...
  • Kerr's Pink Potato
    $11.00 Kerr's Pink Potato
    Originating in Scotland in the early 1900's, this is a very unique potato with a light pink skin, fine grain, and floury texture.  When cooked the Irish way, steamed in a shallow pan of water, it almost mashes itself...
  • La Ratte Fingerling Potato
    $5.00 La Ratte Fingerling Potato
    La Ratte potatoes were discovered growing wild in the Swiss Alps by a French farmer.  They have a rich nutty flavor, and good yields.  Many chefs consider this to be a truly gourmet potato.  One order consists...
  • Red Pontiac Potato
    $11.00 Red Pontiac Potato
    A wonderful red potato, Red Pontiac was originally developed in Florida in 1945.  It is one of the most consistent in flavor and most adaptable potatoes, growing well in both the north and the south.  It produces...