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Traditionally eaten in Mediterranean, Asian, and Indian cuisine, our favorite preparations are curried, roasted, and stuffed. Heirloom eggplants are mild with no bitterness. In addition, they are beautiful and a lot of fun to grow. Teardrop shaped to long and thin, they range in colors from pale green to dark purple, with patterns from solid to striped to blushed.

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

Minimum 25 seeds per packet unless otherwise noted in the product description.

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  • Bianca Sfumata Di Rosa Eggplant
    $2.00 Bianca Sfumata Di Rosa Eggplant
    75 day.  A beautiful Italian variety, white with a lavender blush.  It has a wonderful flavor and has the traditional egg shape.  A great choice for stuffing or eggplant parmesan.   Minimum of 25...
  • Black Beauty Eggplant
    $2.00 Black Beauty Eggplant
    90 day.   The old standard of eggplants.  With it's large, dark purple fruits on moderate sized plants, it is a great all purpose eggplant for making eggplant parmesan.    Minimum of 25 seeds per...
  • Kamo Eggplant *
    $2.00 Kamo Eggplant *
    65 days.  Grown for hundreds of years, this beautiful and unique eggplant is prized for it's excellent flavor.  Deep purple, with a purple calyx and a flat bottom, this tear drop shaped eggpant is truly a delicacy...
  • Lao Green Tiger Stripe Eggplant
    $2.00 Lao Green Tiger Stripe Eggplant
    90 days.  An Asian heirloom from Laos, this variety produces cute striped 2 inch fruit with a stronger, brighter eggplant flavor.  Stay firmer when cooked than most other varieties.   Minimum of 25 seeds per...
  • Lao Purple Tiger Stripe Eggplant
    $2.00 Lao Purple Tiger Stripe Eggplant
    90 days.  Virtually identical to Lao Green Tiger Stripe, but with beautiful purple coloring.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Listada de Gandia Eggplant
    $2.50 Listada de Gandia Eggplant
    80-90 day.  This is a beautiful eggplant.  Mostly fuchsia to purple in color with white stripes, it is really a show stopper.  And it roasts up beautifully, with medium sized tear drop shaped eggplants...
  • Louisiana Long Green Eggplant
    $2.50 Louisiana Long Green Eggplant
    75 day.   A Southern heirloom, this long, thin, green eggplant is an Asian type of eggplant.  It's creamy white flesh has a good, sweet, mild flavor with almost no bitter flavors.  It is a good...
  • Prosperosa Eggplant
    $2.00 Prosperosa Eggplant
    70-78 day.  Prosperosa is a wonderful eggplant.  Baseball to softball sized purple fruits with white shoulders.  It is good just sauteed in olive oil, but makes for excellent eggplant parmesan or curry as...