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The Staff

Annie's is more than just a company, it's a family.  We work from home, packing all of your orders in our walk out basement.  The staff isn't just people who come and perform a job, they are friends and become a part of the family.  And that family extends to all of you who grow Annie's Heirloom Seeds.  We love meeting you when we are out and about or in your correspondence, getting to hear about your gardens and your lives.  


First, let me introduce myself.  I'm Julie, co-owner and founder of Annie's Heirloom Seeds.  I began Annie's out of a love for heirloom vegetables.  I run the day to day operations of Annie's.  In the winter that means packing and filling orders and in the summer that means the gardens.  One of my big jobs is writing the catalog.  I'm working all summer testing vegetable varieties and taking pictures to make sure that the catalog is full of useful information so you can pick the best garden.

The Staff

We have a few staff members that stay on all year along with a lot of temporary workers who come in and help in the winter packing your orders.  Let me introduce them to you.staff-pic-2.jpg



Rebecca has been a part of Annie's for a few years now.  She began as a customer, learning from a friend about us.  She responded to our request for help packing orders and thought that she was coming out to volunteer for a few hours.  We hired her on the spot and she began helping out on Saturdays.  Now she works every day, sometimes here and sometimes from home.  Rebecca had a daughter last spring, the morning after delivering the last of the potatoes that we sent out.  Rebecca and Vera come to work, and we are all enjoying watching Vera grow up.  


Samantha joined us last year.  She has been a customer for years, but this year transitioned to one of our year round employees.  Sam packs your orders, manages inventory, and is one of the main gardeners in the summer.  She's been having a great time growing, testing, and tasting everything!


Scott is my husband and co-owner of Annie's.  He handles all the mundane things that I hate doing like accounting and paperwork.  He also does an amazing job of all the advertising.  He's the reason most of you can find us.


Audrey is Scott's mom.  She retired from her day job three years ago and began working at Annie's in the winter.  She does a great job packing orders and filling seed packets.  Our kids get to see their grandma several times a week, and it is wonderful to see Grandma and Anne sitting together chatting as they fill envelopes.


Kathi helps out during the school year.  She is home with her kids and her garden in the summer.  We all love Kathi's cheerful, happy attitude!  Even on a bad day, you know she'll be here smiling and looking at all the good in life.  Everyone can use a Kathi around!      kathi.jpg     hunter.jpg


Hunter has been working with us for a year now.  He is my friend Kamaile's son, and helps out in the gardens in the summer and with orders in the winter.  He's our muscle, hauling rocks, dirt, weeding, and mucking out the barns.  All VERY important work, but can be too hard on my body.