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Sweet Potato Slips

It is completely normal for your sweet potato slips to appear wilted or dry with yellowed leaves upon arrival! Remove any yellow leaves and plant your slips as soon as you can, ideally within 24 hours. Warm soil and water will revive your slips once planted!

If you cannot plant your slips within 24 hours, use a sterilized scissor to trim 1/3” from roots immediately. Place trimmed slips in a shallow bowl/vase with a small amount of cool water. Do not submerge the green part of the slip. You may also plant trimmed slips in small pots filled with moist potting mix. The green portion of the slip should remain exposed. Store slips at room temperature in indirect sunlight for 3-4 days. Do not refrigerate.

Plant slips in loosened, well-drained soil treated with compost. If needed, add 8-20-30 fertilizer prior to planting. If you live in a northern region, black plastic can help warm your soil to an optimal temperature of 70°F+.

Dig rows 3’ apart and plant slips 12” apart. Completely cover the white slip part with soil. Transplant in late afternoon to avoid scorching your slips. Water newly planted slips well and continue to water consistently throughout the growing season.

Harvest your sweet potatoes when they reach the size you prefer. Dry your harvested potatoes well and store at 55°-60°F in a dark location with good airflow.