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Spinach & Swiss Chard

Spinach and Swiss Chard are similar vegetables.  Both grown for their delicious greens, they are excellent raw in a salad, sauteed, used in omelets and scrambles, or even mixed with mashed potatoes.  Spinach loves the cool temperatures of spring and fall, while Swiss Chard continues to produce well in the heat of the summer.  Grow both and enjoy these wonderful greens throughout the year.

On the quest for the ever larger and prettier strawberry, real strawberry flavor was lost.  Large and almost flavorless, pretty but bland is what we can buy at the store.  But the original strawberry is still out there, the alpine strawberry.  These tiny little strawberries are packed with sweetness and flavor.  I couldn’t believe how delicious they are.  The flavor is intense, and I find that they don’t make it to the house.  Everyone goes hunting, trying to be the first one out to pick and eat all the berries.