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Slicing Tomatoes

Small to medium sized, round, these are what most of us think of when we think of a tomato.  With a nice balance of acidity, richness and sweetness, red slicers can be your best choice if you only have room to grow one tomato.

  • Boxcar Willie Tomato

    Boxcar Willie Tomato

    80 day.   Named after Boxcar Willie, the singer at the Grand Ole Opry, this tomato originates from New Jersey.  It has oblong red fruit, about 12 ounces, is very prolific, and has an old fashioned acidic tomato flavor. Indeterminate...

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  • Thessaloniki Tomato - Organic

    Thessaloniki Tomato - Organic

    78 day.  This is my favorite slicing tomato.  The flavor is really sweet, but still complex and rich.  Red, round, medium-sized and delicious.  If you can only grow one tomato, this is an excellent choice. Indeterminate...

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  • Arkansas Traveler Tomato

    Arkansas Traveler Tomato

    85 day.  An excellent tasting tomato with a great balance of sweet and tart flavors, these 8 oz round pink-red tomatoes grow on vigorous vines.  Arkansas Traveler was developed by the University of Arkansas and was released in 1968.  It...

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