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Seed Banks

Build your own Seed Bank

Now you can have your own, custom seed bank!  Just choose your seeds and the mylar storage bags to put them in.  It's that easy!

Don't forget to add a book or two to provide all the information you'll need to successfully garden, save your seeds and preserve your food!

 How to Build Your Own Custom Seed Bank

  • Dessicant (5 packets)

    Dessicant (5 packets)

    These small dessicant packets are great for making sure all the moisture is removed from your mylar bags.  They are small, but perfect for each of the Small Mylar Seed Bags.  Includes 5 dessicant packets.

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  • Mylar Seed Bags

    Mylar Seed Bags

    We have come to love these mylar seed bags.  They are a great way to build your own seed bank, the smalls are great for holding a few seed packets and the medium and large are good to hold a small to large garden.  A great way to build your...

  • Seed Saver's Garden

    Seed Saver's Garden

    Being dependent on an unreliable food supply has become a concern.  This is our answer.  These are all relatively easy vegetables to grow and save seeds from.  They were chosen to not only be reasonable to save seeds from, but also to...

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  • Medicinal Herb Garden

    Medicinal Herb Garden

    Since mankind's earliest days, medicinal herbs have cured and strengthened our bodies and minds. This special assortment brings together the diverse and powerful benefits of our favorite healing herbs in a single convenient collection. This garden...

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  • Culinary Herb Garden

    Culinary Herb Garden

    The perfect addition to any garden.  These 8 herbs add bright, fresh flavor to all your meals.  And they do more than that, herbs are great companion plants, helping drive away all of the bad bugs from your garden.  I love planting a box...

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