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Seed Banks

Build your own Seed Bank

Now you can have your own, custom seed bank!  Just choose your seeds and the mylar storage bags to put them in.  It's that easy!

Don't forget to add a book or two to provide all the information you'll need to successfully garden, save your seeds and preserve your food!

 How to Build Your Own Custom Seed Bank

  • Culinary Herb Garden

    The perfect addition to any garden.  These 8 herbs add bright, fresh flavor to all your meals.  And they do more than that, herbs are great companion plants, helping drive away all of the bad bugs from your garden.  I love planting a box...

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  • Medicinal Herb Garden

    Throughout the years medicinal herbs have become a large part of our family's life.  Traditionally used to treat common ailments, herbs can play such an important part in maintaining our family's health.  Not only helpful, we love the flavor of...

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  • Advanced Seed Saver's Garden

    Seed saving can be tricky, and this collection includes both the easy and some of the harder to save vegetables.  Some need to be overwintered, others are more difficult to prevent cross pollinating, and yet others are difficult to harvest.  We...

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  • Dessicant (5 packets)

    These small dessicant packets are great for making sure all the moisture is removed from your mylar bags.  They are small, but perfect for each of the Small Mylar Seed Bags.  Includes 5 dessicant packets.

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  • Large Mylar Seed Bag

    These large food grade mylar bags are a great way to hold your seed bank.  Just place all your smaller bags in this large zip lock closure bag, and you know your seeds are safe and contained for when you need them.

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  • Simple Seed Saver's Garden

    Would you like to start saving your own seeds?  Do you want to have a seed bank of easy to grow and save seeds?  This collection includes some of the easier vegetables to save your own seeds.  We've included the basic information on saving...

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  • Small Mylar Seed Bag

    These small food grade mylar bags are great for holding our small seed packets.  They have a zip lock closure and can hold several of our seed packets.  Each bag measures 5 x 7 inches.

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  • Ball Blue Book

    The Ball Blue Book is the standard for canning and freezing.  All tried and tested recipes with detailed instructions so that you can can jams, jellies, canned fruits, salsas, pickles, vegetables, meat and soups as well as freezing any vegetable,...

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  • Rodale's Basic Organic Gardening

    I have been looking for years for a good, beginner's gardening book.  I was always disappointed with what I found.  They always made it more complicated than it needed to be.  This book finally has it all.  Simple instructions, but in...

  • Seed to Seed

    Seed to Seed by Suzsanne Ashworth is a wonderful resource on seed saving.  She includes hundreds of vegetables and herbs, arranged by family, with detailed information on how to start from seed, grow, and save seed for each.  She includes...

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