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We should have the 2020 potatoes available to pre-order in January or February of 2020.  Check back then to see what we have available.  If you sign up for the email newsletter, we will tell you when they are available.


Plant pieces of potato in the spring, and enjoy some of the best potatoes you’ll ever eat in the summer and into fall. Heirloom varieties have stood the test of time, with interesting colors, textures, and flavors.

All potatoes ship in May.  I'm sorry, we are unable to ship earlier than May.  Our freezing temperatures in Michigan will cause the potatoes to rot instead of arrive to you in good condition.  


  • Annie's Heirloom Potato Sampler - May Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Would you like to grow a beautiful variety of potatoes?  I sure would.  This collection includes one pound each of Dark Red Norland, Bintje, and All Blue for a beautiful red, white and blue assortment.  It also has an...

  • All Blue Potato - May Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 1 lb. of potatoes.  With deep purple skin and flesh, this potato is definitely a stand out.  Delicious in potato salad, roasted or as fries, these unique potatoes will definitely add color to your meals!   Potatoes...

  • Bintje Potato - May Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 Each order is for 1 lb. of potatoes.  Bintje is one of the top potato varieties in the world. Originally developed in 1905 in the Netherlands, it was originally known as "Rijkmaker" (Richmaker) because of its incredible yields. I...

  • Dark Red Norland Potato - May Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2020 These great little red potatoes are some of my favorites for their fantastic flavor.  A great variety for an early crop, they only take 60-80 days to reach maturity.  I love them as a new potato!  They don't keep well,...

  • Rose Finn Apple Fingerling Potato - May Delivery

    Each order is for 1/2 lb. of potatoes.  With rosy colored skin and yellow flesh, this fingerling potato is fun to grow and eat.  It has a waxy texture with a delicious flavor.  I love them roasted with herbs.  Fingerling potatoes are...

  • Bloembagz - 9 gallon Potato Planter Mixed Colors

    SOLD OUT FOR 2018 I was really surprised by how well these potato planters worked.  I followed the instructions, using Jobes Organic Granular Fertilizer and leaf compost and 1/2 lb of French Fingerling Potatoes.  As they grew I added more...