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Planters and Pots

Container gardening has its own unique set of challenges, but it can be well worth the effort. There are many different reasons to grow in containers. Some don’t have the space, others don’t have good soil, and still others want to raise their gardens up so that they don’t have to get on the ground to garden. I have had a mixture of all three, and have come to love these grow bags. Of all the containers I’ve used, the grow bags have been by far the best. Allowing the roots to breathe, I have found the plants to grow well and require less attention than other pots. I find that the hard pots require more water and attention, where I’ve been able to treat the plants in the grow bags more like they were planted in the ground. We are excited to offer both colorful Bloembagz and economical Brown Fabric Pots.

I love raised beds.  With our bad soil, it was the quick and easy way to establish our gardens.  They are also great when you have problems getting down on the ground.  My body just isn’t what it used to be, and a garden cart and a raised bed make it comfortable and easy to tend the gardens.  These cedar beds are quick and easy.  No tools are required, they just slide together.  And the cedar withstands rot, making them a wonderful garden choice.  I love the raised bed planters in the greenhouse, table top height with no bending over required.

  • Smart Pot Planters

    Smart Pot Planters

    SOLD OUT We've tested many different raised bed planters and pots, and these are the ones we like the best.  They are a great way to garden when you don't have great soil or need to garden somewhere you don't have any soil like a deck.  All you...