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Bursting with sweetness, peas are one of the staples of our household.  No one complains of a bowl of plain peas, but they are so easy to dress up with some onions and lemon or tossed in any soup or stew for their color and sweetness.  Our favorite is to make a pea puree with lemon juice, basil or mint, served with chicken or fish or just on top of some quinoa.  And they freeze so well, coming out of the freezer tasting almost as good as they were fresh.  It’s like tasting spring in the dead of winter.  And it’s not just fresh shelling peas that are wonderful, but snow peas with their tender, edible pod.  Quickly sauteed and served with olive oil or butter or in any Asian stir fry, they are quick, easy and delicious.  Don’t forget cowpeas, a great Southern vegetable.  More like a shelling bean, they are delicious either fresh or dried.