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Other Annual Flowers

Annuals are around for a season, gracing us with their beautiful flowers and leaving seeds for the next year.  Some are great companion plants, others are just beautiful and are wonderful ornamental plants.

  • Cosmos, Sensation Mixture Cosmos, Sensation Mixture

    Cosmos, Sensation Mixture

    What fun flowers to grow.  Sensation Mixture is a tall flower with lots of lacy foliate and beautiful flowers in shades of pink.  Cosmos are easy to grow annuals, that really just need to be left alone.  The only problems seem to stem from...

  • Chamomile, German

    Chamomile, German

    German Matricaria recutita.  24 inches.  This small, white, daisy-like flower is a great addition to any garden. Flowers best known for a delicious, aromatic tea, calming chamomile has many medicinal uses. Minimum of 150 seeds per packet.

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  • Bachelor Buttons, Tall Mix

    Bachelor Buttons, Tall Mix

    Centaurea.  Beautiful pink and blue button-shaped flowers grace these fun wildflowers.  Originally found in the grain fields of England, they are now mostly grown as ornamental and cut flowers.   9 weeks, 36 inches.   Minimum of 100...

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