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Lettuce Blends

My favorite salad is a mix of different lettuces, with different shapes, colors and textures.  There's a blend for everyone, for those who love looseleaf or romaines or for those that want herbs and chicories mixed in.

  • Misticanza Salad Mix

    Misticanza Salad Mix

    Misticanza is the Italian version of the French Mesclun mix.  There are many different variations, with the most traditional belief that it should contain 24 different Italian greens, many of them wild and hand harvested!  Many of those wild...

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  • Organic Lettuce Blend

    Organic Lettuce Blend

    If you prefer all organic lettuces, this is the blend for you.  It contains a beautiful and delicious collection of lettuces.  Some loose leaf, butterhead and romaine lettuces in greens and reds.    Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...

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  • Spring Salad Mix

    Spring Salad Mix

    One of the most popular salad mixes, a spring mix contains all the wonderful baby greens that thrive in spring for that first taste of fresh greens from the garden.  This is a delightful mix of beets, chard, lettuce, mustards, arugula, bok choy and...

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