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The first peppers were hot peppers.  With a variety of colors, sizes, flavors and heat levels, there is a pepper for every palate and all different uses.

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

  • Anaheim Pepper - Organic

    Anaheim Pepper - Organic

    77 day.  A mild long, green chili pepper that is a great choice for making chili rellenos.  The can grow very large and are thicker than most chili peppers.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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  • Cayenne Pepper - Organic

    Cayenne Pepper - Organic

    85 day.  The traditional hot red pepper used to flavor lots of dishes, Cayenne is a nicely flavored hot pepper.  It is easy to grow and easy to dry.  I just leave them out on the counter till they are dry and ready to be ground for my...

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  • Early Jalapeno Pepper - Organic

    Early Jalapeno Pepper - Organic

    70-80 day.  A wonderful Mexican hot pepper.  It is both hot and flavorful and can be used in anything from salsa to roasted stuffed peppers to jalapeno poppers.  It is dark green, ripening to red, and is used both fresh and dried. ...

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  • Greek Golden Pepperocini Pepper - Organic

    Greek Golden Pepperocini Pepper - Organic

    70 days.  With shorter fruit than Italian Pepperocini, this is the pepper that you commonly find pickled in jars at the grocery store.  It is usually picked and pickled in its yellow stage, though it will turn red if left on the plant.  It...

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  • Italian Pepperoncini Pepper - Organic

    Italian Pepperoncini Pepper - Organic

    75 days.  The traditional Italian pickling pepper, it produces high yields of long, thin sweet peppers.  Beautiful yellow peppers that ripen red, they are excellent both pickled or eaten raw.    Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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  • Scotch Bonnet Pepper - Organic

    Scotch Bonnet Pepper - Organic

    Hang on to your hats, this is a hot one.  Shaped like a little hat, these very hot peppers rival Habanero as one of the hottest peppers.  Originally from Jamaica, these hot peppers are used to add heat to jerk dishes.  Minimum of 25 seeds...

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