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Mixes, Collections & Garden Kits

  • Organic Rainbow Slicer Collection

    Organic Rainbow Slicer Collection

    If you love juicy, meaty summertime slicers, this collection is for you! We’ve batched the ultimate mouthwatering, colorful collection for your convenience featuring five luscious and reliable favorites, just right for sandwiches, burgers, veggie...

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  • Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection

    Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection

    Sweet, colorful, crunchy, and nutrient dense – these rainbow of bell peppers will brighten your garden and your summertime menu. Peppers have a long growing season and are best started indoors then moved to the garden when soil and ambient...

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  • Annie's Sunflower Collection

    Annie's Sunflower Collection

    Plant this splendid collection for a diverse and dramatic summertime display. We included our favorite tall and short varieties of varied color and shape. Each of these stunners is easy to grow and robust. Gardeners of all ages love this collection...

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  • Culinary Herb Garden

    Culinary Herb Garden

      This convenient collection features our best-selling heirloom herbs - all easy to grow, hardy, and remarkably flavorful. Heirloom herbs are invaluable companion plants in your vegetable plots and beds, attracting pollinators and keeping pests...

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