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Fast and easy, turnips are a great way to grow a lot of food quickly in a relatively small space.  Best grown in the cool of spring and fall, turnips are a wonderful way to feed the family.  We like them mashed or roasted, and they are a great alternative to potatoes.  A lot of people mix them in with mashed potatoes for an interesting flavor addition.  Rutabagas are a cross between a turnip and a cabbage.  Most have a golden yellow color, a different but similar flavor, and tend to be larger than turnips.  They are also a slower vegetable, so you need to be a bit more patient, but the increase in size makes up for their longer growing time.  Rutabagas are a signature component of the Northern Michigan pastie, a meat and vegetable pie.  We’ve added them to chicken pot pie, and they’d be great in any stew, roasted, or mashed as a side dish.

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