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Early Tomatoes

Fast to production, early tomatoes are excellent for those who need or want tomatoes quickly.  An excellent choice for those in the North with a short growing season, they are also a good choice for Southern growers with a shorter spring and fall tomato season.

  • Moskvich Tomato - Organic

    Moskvich Tomato - Organic

    60 day.  The largest of the early tomatoes, it produces good yields of red tomatoes with a mild tomato flavor.  If you have a short season or just want early slicing tomatoes, Moskvich is an excellent choice. Indeterminate.   Minimum of...

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  • Mountain Princess Tomato - Organic

    Mountain Princess Tomato - Organic

    60 day. Grown for generations in West Virginia, this early tomato is a great choice for slicing or canning. It has excellent yields of round 8 ounce, red tomatoes with a mild tomato flavor. Determinate.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...

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  • Bloody Butcher Tomato Bloody Butcher Tomato

    Bloody Butcher Tomato

    55 day.  A highly prolific, very early tomato with 1-2 inch round fruit.  They are mostly blemish free, perfectly round, and a good choice if you want an early tomato or live in a cold climate and don't have a long growing season...

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