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Canning Tomatoes

With enough acid to preserve and a round shape and petite size, canning tomatoes are perfect for packing into a jar whole and storing for year round use.  

  • Campbell 33 Tomato

    Campbell 33 Tomato

    69 days. Developed by the Campbell's Soup Company, this old reliable variety is disease resistant and hardy, growing well in adverse conditions. An excellent choice for canning because all the tomatoes ripen at once.   Minimum of 25...

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  • Bonnie Best Tomato - Organic

    Bonnie Best Tomato - Organic

    75 day.  Also known as John Baer, Bonnie Best is one of the old canning tomatoes.  It has a decent amount of acid to aid in the canning process.  Good yields of perfectly round, 3-4 inch fruit. Indeterminate.   Minimum of 25 seeds...

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  • Porter Tomato

    Porter Tomato

    72 day.   Originally introduced by Porter and Sons Seed Company of Texas, Porter does well in hot climates.  It's a great choice for container gardening, especially in the South.  It produces high yields of small, 4 ounce, plum...

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