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Many greens are unusual to our American palates.  They are, however, an important part of a meal in many other countries.  With their unique flavors and textures, frequently bitter or sharp, they add a nice balance to a meal.  We are so accustomed to rich and sweet, missing out on the wonderful balance that acid and bitter add to a meal.  Many Italians don’t consider a meal complete without a bitter green like chicory, endive or escarole.  Bok choy is a great salad green or part of a stir fry, with its sweet flavor and mild crunch.  Many greens are eaten as a part of a salad, adding their own unique flavor and texture, but others are best sauteed like mustard and collards to break down their tougher leaves.  And still others are delicious grilled, adding a wonderful roasted and charred flavor to a meal.

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