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Softneck garlic is the type of garlic most people are acquainted with from the grocery store.  They have a mild flavor and they generally store very well for long periods of time.

Garlic can be planted anytime before the ground freezes!

Quantities are limited!  Heirloom garlic sells out very quickly, so reserve yours now!

  • Polish White Garlic - Oct Delivery

    Polish White was one of our favorite garlics from our garlic trials.  A wonderful softneck garlic, with large, white cloves, a great medium garlic flavor when cooked, and mild when eaten raw.  Adapted to New York state, it is one of the few...

  • Sicilian Artichoke Garlic - Oct Delivery

    This garlic hails from Sicily.  It is hot when eaten raw, but turns smooth and flavorful when cooked.  A great choice for Italian tomato sauces.  minimum of 3 ounces. FREE SHIPPING SORRY, WE CANNOT SHIP GARLIC TO CANADA

  • Nootka Rose Garlic - Oct Delivery

    Nootka Rose is a beautiful soft neck garlic originating from San Juan Island off of Washington state.  Each clove is surrounded in a deep mahogany skin, covered in white paper.  A silverskin garlic, it is one of the best keepers, keeping 10-12...