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Hardneck garlics are frequently considered to be gourmet varieties, as they are fairly rare and usually have a more intense flavor than softneck garlics.  They form a hard stalk up through the center of the garlic head which grows several feet tall and is topped with an edible "scape" - a curli-cue that will eventually turn into a flower.  Picked young and used like green onions, the scape has a very mild garlic flavor, or perhaps good green onions with a hint of garlic.  In order to grow large garlic heads, you need to harvest the scapes.  Hardneck garlics do not store well, so enjoy them soon after harvest and plant softneck varieties for later.

Garlic can be planted anytime before the ground freezes!

Quantities are limited!  Heirloom garlic sell out very quickly, so reserve yours now!

  • Annie's Garlic Collection - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! There are so many different kinds of garlic, each with its own unique characteristics.  Some are hot, some are mild, and they are different depending on if they are raw or how they are cooked.  Some garlics are early, and...

  • Purple Glazer Garlic - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Purple Glazer is one of the most interestingly colored garlics, with a unique deep purple color.  It forms large firm heads and has a spicy flavor.  It will keep well for approximately 4 months.  2 bulbs. FREE...

  • Chesnok Red Garlic - Oct Delivery

    Chesnok Red Garlic - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Chesnok Red is a beautiful hardneck garlic with consistent high yields and an attractive red/purple striped skin.  It has large, firm heads, and great long-lasting flavor.  It is also easy to peel, which makes it a great...

  • Metechi Garlic - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Metechi is a very hot garlic that tolerates warm weather better than most hardnecks.  It is easy to peel, and it stores very well.  Its large cloves make for great roasted garlic. 2 bulbs.  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL...

  • Music Garlic - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Music is one of the earliest garlic varieties.  It has large cloves that are easy to peel, making it perfect for cooking as you don't need to peel as many cloves as with other varieties.  It is a porcelain garlic, which...

  • Siberian Garlic - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Hot when raw, but mild and creamy when roasted, Siberian came originally from Eastern Europe.  It was brought to Alaska and then to the rest of the US.  It does well in the north and in warmer climates.  2 bulbs...

  • Spanish Roja Garlic - Oct Delivery

    SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Spanish Roja is one of the most popular garlic varieties.  It's flavor is rich, strong, hot, and spicy, considered by many garlic lovers to be the flavor of "true garlic".  It grows well in cold winter areas, and it is best...