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Garden Supplies

These are all the things I use in my garden.  Pots, plant markers, trellises and ties, all those handy things that make your life easier in the garden.

  • Nail Brush

    Nail Brush

    Are your nails always dirty like mine?  I wear gardening gloves, but they don't take care of all the dirt.  This brush does.  It is make of natural fibers, and is a great compromise between tough enough to get the job done, but gentle...

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  • Vegetable Brush

    Vegetable Brush

    I love using a natural bristle brush for cleaning up roots and veggies.  This brush is strong enough to get off the dirt, but gentle enough to not gouge out your carrots and potatoes.  

  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous Earth

    One of nature's pesticides, it looks like a fine powder, but it is actually dried little sea creatures that have really sharp edges.  Sprinkle it over your plants and the bugs and worms will cut themselves and dehydrate. 

  • Dipel Dust Dipel Dust

    Dipel Dust

    I always struggled with cabbage worms destroying my cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower until someone suggested Bt (Bacillus Thuringiensis).  It is a natural soil-born bacteria that is toxic to the worms, but harmless to humans.  Just sprinkle a...

  • Plastic Plant Markers

    Plastic Plant Markers

    If you have really wet soil, plastic plant markers are the way to go.  The wood can rot and snap, but the plastic will always be there.  These white makers are 6 inches long and 5/8 inches wide and come 25 to a package.  

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  • Plant Label Pen

    Plant Label Pen

    I have always struggled to find a pen that was easy to use and didn't fade.  We finally found one!  Just a normal, fine tip, market, but one that lasts for the season.  We used it on wood and plastic makers and could read everything...

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  • Wooden Plant Markers

    Wooden Plant Markers

    I love these wooden plant markers.  They usually last a season before they begin to deteriorate, and they look so nice in my garden.  If I have a lot of smaller plants, I use the small plant markers, but sometimes I use the larger ones when the...

  • Giant Micromesh Tunnel Giant Micromesh Tunnel

    Giant Micromesh Tunnel

    Each tunnel is 9 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. This is the easiest way to control cabbage moths.  The mesh of the tunnel is fine enough to keep out almost any bug, but it's porous to water and sunlight.  At most it will keep your...

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  • Big Bug Insect barrier netting

    Big Bug Insect barrier netting

    I'm always on the lookout for an easy way to deter or block cabbage moths.  You can make your own tunnels out of bamboo or metal rings and cover them with this netting.  The holes are larger than the Micromesh Tunnels, but they will keep out...

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  • Stainless Steel Pruning Shears

    Stainless Steel Pruning Shears

    When I need to tackle a bed of small weeds, this is the rake I grab. It gets under all the little weeds, and when I'm done, it is good for making a nice, level surface to work with.

  • Stainless Steel Plant Dibbler

    Stainless Steel Plant Dibbler

    This is the old fashioned way of making holes to plant your transplants in.  Just prep the soil, push the point down the depth you want, and you have a nice little tapered hole to put your seedling in.

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  • Japanese Kuwa Hoe

    Japanese Kuwa Hoe

    I bought one of these to test out in the gardens.  It's really strong and does a great job of breaking up dense soil and removing big, stubborn weeds.  Arturo and Keatan both tried it out and asked me to get one for them.  It's really a...

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  • Japanese Ninja Claw Rake

    Japanese Ninja Claw Rake

    When I need to tackle a bed of small weeds, this is the rake I grab. It gets under all the little weeds, and when I'm done, it is good for making a nice, level surface to work with.

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  • Korean Cultivator

    Korean Cultivator

    If I only had one garden tool, this would be it.  I'm fine with hand weeding, but I really prefer a tool for marking rows and digging small trenches for planting seeds.  This tool is perfect for making rows.  It can be used to remove small...

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  • Kana Hoe

    Kana Hoe

    We tested a lot of hand held hoes this past year and this is the one everyone grabbed first.  It is extremely sharp.  It does a great job of taking out small weeds, as well as the perfect shape for making rows and shallow trenches for planting...

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