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Slicing/Fresh Eating

If you love cucumber slices in a salad, slicing cucumbers are for you.  Long and slender, they are a refreshing and welcome taste of summer.  Our daughter, Anne, loves them in a salad with peas and a yogurt dressing.  Another favorite is Sheila's cucumber boats, which are basically a tuna melt in a cucumber instead of on bread.  Any way you slice it, they are great!

Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites.

  • Marketmore 76 Cucumber Marketmore 76 Cucumber

    Marketmore 76 Cucumber

    70 day.   Still one of the most commonly grown slicing cucumbers, it produces long, straight, almost seedless cucumbers that are great for slicing for salads.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

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